It’s long been known that washing your hair with super hot water isn’t right. Since then, some women have taken it way too seriously and started washing their hair with cold water. However, is there a point in doing so? Let’s find it out in this article!
We don’t recommend washing your hair with cold water. Apart from the risk of catching a bad cold, the whole process will be much less effective. After all, all shampoos still work better right when they come into contact with warm water. Of course, this does not mean that it’s necessary to wash your hair with super hot water, but it is worth using warm water. This will be much more beneficial for the beauty of your hair.
Cold water leads to vascular spasms, which naturally affect the nutrition of the scalp and hair roots due to circulatory problems. Over time this may lead to hair loss or even become the cause of hair damage. Cold water is a stress for your hair, which, of course, affects the condition of your locks. Restoring them is extremely long and expensive.
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