We can’t but agree that salon staff plays a huge (if not the most important) role in salon’s popularity and profitability. The more professional and understanding staff you have, the more satisfied your clients will be. However, keeping your staff cheerful and hardworking sometimes can be pretty difficult. How can you protect your staff from professional burnout and keep it motivated? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Understand the different personalities that work in your salon. All people are different and sometimes they need an individual approach. Talk to each of your stylists, find out what encourages and irritates them.
2. Involve your staff in the decision-making process. Make your stylists feel that you really appreciate their opinion considering the salon business.
3. Develop your system of rewards. A nice cash reward at the end of the quarter will not just make the most diligent worker happy but encourage all the rest stylists to work harder!
4. Invest your money in training your staff. Trust us, it will be beneficial because new knowledge and professional techniques will inspire your stylists!
5. Provide an inspiring work environment. Ask your staff if it’s happy with the work environment of your salon if it’s not - think about the ways of improving it!

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