Having long, strong, and voluminous hair is a dream of any woman. However, it often happens that we forget one simple fact: hair beauty starts from the inside, we mean your diet. What are the secret products and vitamins that will help you to have the hair of your dream? Keep on reading and find it out!
The most important vitamins for your hair are vitamins A, C and D. Let’s talk about each of them in particular.
Vitamin A
Our body constantly needs vitamin A for growth. Remember that vitamin A helps skin glands in producing sebum which protects the scalp, moisturizing it. If you don’t get enough vitamin A, you may face hair loss. However, the thing that if you get way too much vitamin A, you may face hair loss as well, so be careful while choosing the required dose! Products: carrot, pumpkin, broccoli, peach, melon.
Vitamin C
This vitamin is a great antioxidant. If you properly take this vitamin or get enough of it with your food, you will never have oxidative stress. Of course, you heard about collagen and its importance to your hair. We have good news: vitamin C helps to create it! Products: lemon, pineapple, currant, kiwi, apple.
Vitamin D
Researches show that a major part of people all around the globe doesn’t get enough vitamin D, which is pretty sad. Low levels of vitamin D are usually associated with hair loss. On the contrary, if you get enough vitamin D, you will likely be gifted with new hair follicles. The more follicles there are on your scalp, the more thick and dense hair you have! Products: salmon, tuna, egg yolks, mushrooms, cow milk.

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