We are so glad that we made it through the hard period of the lockdown! During this time women didn’t have an opportunity to visit a hair salon for 3-6 months. Of course, it negatively affected the condition of women’s hair, because some of them, for example, did home treatments which quite often have a very unexpected result. How can you restore your post lockdown hair? Keep on reading and find it out!

One of the most common post lockdown hair problems is overgrown hair roots. First of all, think if you would like to try something new just like root stretch or ombré to fix the situation with minimum time and money spent. If you prefer to stick up to classic root dyeing, then make sure you have enough time and you make your appointment beforehand, as after lockdown your hairstylist is definitely very busy.

Damaged hair. Don’t do anything on your own at home. Let your hairstylist examine your case of damaged hair and find out the reason for the damage and possible solutions. Perhaps it will be a keratin treatment or a hair botox. Both are amazing procedures for full hair restoration. They strengthen the hair, increasing its shine and elasticity. An additional protective layer eliminates static electricity and smoothes hair cuticles.

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