In the cold season, our hair needs special attention and extra care. This is especially important for thin hair. There are several reasons for this. The first and most obvious ones are the low outside temperature and dry indoor air that weaken the hair and make it brittle and dull. Wearing hats leads to constant hair electrification which isn’t nice as well. Read this article in order to find out how to properly care about your hair in winter!

Take care of the scalp nutrition

Beautiful and good-looking hair begins with scalp health. In winter it needs special attention and protection. In the season of cold weather, we need a whole arsenal of moisturizing and nourishing products for the face. Don’t forget about your hair and scalp as well!

Minimize hair damage

In the cold season, you should wear hats. However, it’s a double-edged sword! Constant friction against a hat, scarf, or hood creates static electricity in the hair, increases sebum production, and weakens the protective properties of the hair. Choose hat models made from natural wool and cashmere. Avoid synthetic fabrics.

Don’t wash your hair too often

The cold season is a great opportunity to get a little bit lazy and wash your hair rarely than in summer. Firstly, this way you will protect your hair from overdrying (daily shampooing removes the natural sebum needed to moisturize your hair). Secondly, it reduces the risk of hypothermia of your scalp in the case if you didn’t manage to dry your hair before going out.

Ensure proper hair nutrition

Take the habit of applying a hair mask in order to strengthen and moisturize hair at least once a week: such additional care will help to maintain and restore moisture balance. 7-10 minutes will be enough in order to revitalize the hair and protect it from external factors.

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