Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year! Are you ready to for it? How can you prepare your salon for Valentine’s Day? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Add Valentine cards to all your gift sets. It will help your clients see that these products are perfect Valentine’s gifts! Quite often men don’t pay attention to retail zones, so bright V-cards may attract their attention!
2. Market to the right customers. If you know that your clients are mostly women, then you have to find a way to communicate with their beloved men and show them that your gift cards are a perfect Valentine’s gift. You can pre-package all the goods like hair care products and display them so men can notice them! Tell your clients that you will be glad to see their men in your salon!
3. Send a virtual Valentine card to all your clients! In addition to your traditional e-mail newsletter add a nice V-card that will show your clients your love and care.
4. Promote exclusive Valentine’s day pampering packagings. It’s a great idea since women would like to look their best on their dates. Besides, a man can buy such packaging as a gift for his woman!

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