Each of us knows that before doing anything to your hair, a hairstylist will have a conversation with you, asking you some important questions. What if you are a hairstylist and want to make your consultation as informative and friendly as possible? Keep on reading this article and learn a few secrets that will help your consultations to become the best ones!
1. Care about the atmosphere. Sit at the level of your client, speak softly. Ask him about his ideas and preferences before offering yours. Sometimes you’ll have to fit your ideas to the client’s wishes and hair peculiarities.
2. Try to understand the personality of your clients. You can ask just a few lifestyle questions about the hobbies of your client, the way he spends his free time, etc. Gather more information to build the right picture of your client!
3. Give the right recommendations. Remember being a kind of a beauty coach - you’ve been working in the beauty industry for a while, so you can be objective. Consider the facial features and hair peculiarities of your client. Create a plan of work with your client’s hair, describe it to your client in detail. Encourage him to ask you any questions he has in order for him to relax and be sure that everything will be great!
At the consultation, clients usually expect you to give them a piece of advice on what will suit their hair best. They want you to be the consultant they trust, as you are much more experienced than they are. Also, don’t forget to give your clients information about the latest trends, maybe they want to change their hairstyle!

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