Peelings are special procedures for the skin that have been known for a long time: for this purpose, coffee grounds, crushed apricot pits, etc. were previously used. However, peelings were applied exclusively to the face and body. However, what about the scalp? After all, there are even more sebaceous glands on it than on the body, which is why it also needs to be exfoliated. Scalp peelings are the best solution for such a purpose! Check all the information about it in our article!
Scalp peeling is a skin exfoliating procedure that removes dead skin cells from the skin surface. In fact, it’s a microdamage of the upper skin layers.
Scalp peelings are divided according to the method of action and depth of penetration, but the result is the same for all types of this treatment:
- fast skin regeneration,
- improvement of skin elasticity,
- reduce of the inflammation due to increased sebum secretion,
- increase of microcirculation and, as a result, skin tone.
Peelings for hair and scalp are usually divided into two large groups according to the method of action:
- Physical peelings include all types of scrubs, as well as cryo-peelings.
- Chemical peelings contain various acids: lactic, almond, pyruvic, glycolic, salicylic, trichloroacetic, retinoids, and others.
Preparation for scalp peeling is an important process, as it determines how strong the effect will be. What’s more, proper preparation of the skin minimizes the likelihood of complications after the procedure.
It’s recommended to stop visiting the solarium, swimming pool, and sauna one week before the procedure. For a better result, you should use hair products with a high level of UV protection.
Scalp peeling provides an amazing effect if it’s performed before botox hair treatment or keratin hair treatment. These procedures revive heat-damaged hair and revive dead hair ends while peeling stimulates hair follicles and makes your hair grow faster!

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