If you have your own beauty salon where you sell retail products such as hair keratin products or hair botox products, you definitely know how to boost your sales. However, what about making more profit by selling your retail products online? Are you interested? Keep on reading and find out more in this article!
Of course, having a retail area is super profitable. Your clients may want to repeat botox hair treatment or keratin hair straightening at home while purchasing all necessary stuff in your salon, including keratin shampoo and conditioner. However, if you don’t have enough clients at the moment, selling products online may be a lifesaver for you.
Of course, you will meet the competition from large well-known retailers. You have to offer something different that worth buying exactly from you. For example, create self-care packages. Package for brittle hair, oily hair, weak hair...Satisfy the needs of all women, let them know that your packages are unique and all the selected products work magic together!
In the beginning, you may target your own clients, knowing their hair problems and needs. Don’t be afraid to advertise your products online and on your social media accounts, especially if you have many followers! As a professional, you can really help your clients to repair damaged hair

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