What is the first thing that you do after washing your hair and using a towel? Is it hair combing? If we are right then you are wrong because of doing this! Check out this article and find out why you shouldn’t comb your hair when you’ve just left the shower!

Can keratin products help?

Even if you use hair botox products or keratin products at home and believe that they fully protect your hair, it’s not so. Mechanical damage is the most severe damage out of all. While your hair is wet, it can easily be damaged and broken. The hair cuticles are opened which makes your hair extremely vulnerable to damages. Even a hair botox treatment, for example, won’t save your hair from being pulled out by your comb.

How to dry your hair quickly

Follow these simple rules in order to quickly dry your hair. After the shower, cover your hair with a microfiber towel or regular waffle weave towel: these materials quickly absorb moisture and don’t damage your hair.
In order to thoroughly dry each strand, replace textile towels with paper or microfiber towels. Most importantly, slightly dry your hair from roots to ends using such a towel! However, don’t rub hard, otherwise, your curls will start to split. Only when you make sure that your hair is dry enough, you can comb it!

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