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10 Tips for Starting Your Hair and Beauty Business

If you would like to start your own beauty business, then you may be a little bit puzzled and overwhelmed with lots of questions considering your future salon. As we live in the digital age, a website is a thing that attracts your potential customers and gives them all the necessary information about the services provided in your salon. Check out our top - 10 tips for starting your hair and beauty business!

Having a nice and informative website will allow you to attract new customers and make their first experience in your salon amazing.

1. Make your content clear and short. Don’t give unnecessary information that will overcrowd your site;
2. Provide the essential information about your salon, services, brands with which you work, etc.;
3. Encourage your clients to leave their e-mails and phone numbers on the website;
4. Provide an opportunity for online booking;
5. Ask clients to give a short testimonial about your salon;
6. Ask regular customers for some feedback;
7. Make several accounts in the most popular social networks;
8. Make the website design match your salon interior;
9. Make the website navigation simple and user-friendly;
10. Post before-after pictures showing the amazing works of your stylists.

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