Let’s see some absolutely free marketing ideas for beauty salon business.

1. Achieve success in your business by making a 6-month marketing plan for your beauty salon.

2. Record an effective promotional message on your answer phone. It will help you promote your business 24/7.

3. Make potential customers learn about your salon via Google. Start your own beauty salon blog writing various news and pieces of advice on it.

4. Promote a beauty salon offer or provide a discount for a certain service at the bottom of your till receipt. In order to do this, consult your software provider.

5. Don’t forget about online salon marketing: Ask your customers to write their feedback on the Internet.

6. Spend time and money wisely. Plan your social media posts via such free online marketing tools as Hootsuite or Buffer.

7. Try to understand your customers and treat them well.

8. Make a local splash. Most people look for shops and services on the Internet so being found locally online is necessary for any salon.

9. Don’t be quiet. Ask suppliers for some free prizes for your salon competition in the social media. Organize a salon event and ask them to provide some samples for their potential customers.

10. Take some pictures of your salon and specialists for people to who provide services.

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