If you want to judge a salon, go to their washroom and make sure whether it’s clean. If it’s spotless, you may not worry about the hygiene of the salon. In order to have always brilliantly clean salon, it’s advised to have checked on the hour. Unfortunately, some salons forget about basic client care. To avoid this, try a rota in the team room with a checklist that will help you to cover regular spot checks during the working day.

Buy an electric hand-dryer and individual mini towels, if your budget doesn’t let you do this then thick white paper towels will solve the situation. If you want to spoil your customer, put some hand cream too.


Provide your client with the opportunity to leave their feedback on your salon. It will definitely improve your client care and consequently make your business prosper.

But if you want to get a review from your client, make sure he or she is not in a hurry, especially if you were late starting their appointment. Respect your client’s time.


Unfortunately, sometimes even the best beauty salons can be guilty of client care gaffes.

Once I came to a famous London hair salon and saw the receptionist talking to a woman who wanted to get appointments for the next 6 months. It goes without saying, it’s a good receptionist’s job and I support encouraging re-bookings. But several minutes passed, I was still standing there unnoticed. If the receptionist smiled and said something like “I will be with you in a minute”, it would change the situation. Thus, successful salons assure their receptionists are attentive and friendly. They do not focus only on one client, if someone else is waiting for their service. So remember that only an appropriate client care will make your beauty salon successful.

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