Brushing your hair with a special massage brush is pleasant and beneficial for your natural hair procedure, which is useful to do regularly 2-3 times a week. If you don’t forget to brush your hair at least 5 minutes before going to bed, this greatly improves the condition of your hair. How does it happen? Let's figure it out now in this article!





Why your scalp is the most important

To produce the most beneficial effect on the health and beauty of hair, one should often focus not on the hair itself, but the scalp. The healthy blood circulation of the scalp ensures the correct supply of nutrients to the hair. This prevents the appearance of dead hair ends and makes your hair silky.

To make hair healthy, people often use special dietary supplements for hair. However, if they still forget about regular and proper scalp massage, the effect of these dietary supplements will be insignificant, since most of the nutrients simply won’t reach the scalp.

The main difference between a massage hairbrush and other brushes is that its teeth are located along a whole brush area which is usually pretty wide. Besides, the brush teeth have special roundings on their ends. Upon scalp contact, such roundings carefully massage the scalp without injuring it.

Why massage brush is important for your hair

When using the massage brush:

  1.  Helps to exfoliate keratinized skin particles from the scalp.
  2.  Improves blood circulation in the upper layer of the scalp, in which the hair roots are located.
  3.  Improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands, secreting and distributing sebum to the hair.

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