Why do we go to the hair salon? Of course, in order for a hairstylist to make our hair beautiful! However, do you know that before your visit to the hair salon you have to prepare your hair? Are you surprised? Check out the top-3 things that you definitely need to do in order to achieve the best salon result!
1. Wash your hair, even if you’re coming to the salon in order to dye it. First of all, greasy, oily hair is not the best base for any hair dye, so the hairstylist will have to wash your hair before dying it. You will waste extra time and money. Secondly, working with oily hair isn’t pleasant at all, to be honest. Think about that and be nice and neat.
2. Add some strengthening hair products to your daily hair care if you need a hair dyeing. Nowadays the market offers different anti-damage treatments that you can use before your salon visit in order to additionally protect your hair before hair dyeing. Start using such products 7-14 days before the procedure.
3. Moisture your hair with some leave-in products.
This is especially useful if you will do perming or any other chemical treatment. In order to keep your hair healthy and lively, use such products right before the procedure, so they will protect your hair from the adverse effects of different chemicals contained in substances for hair perm, for example.

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