It’s not easy to have curly hair - just a little moisture, and that’s it! Ruined styling and visible split ends. However, if you have curly hair, cheer up: here are our 4 best recommendations for you.

1. Use right hair products

When it comes to curls, it all depends on the proper use of hair care products. Due to the structure, curly hair often has oily hair roots and dry ends. That's why it is so important to use shampoo to cleanse the scalp at the roots and a rinsing conditioner at the ends in order to add moisture. Add a serum and a moisturizer to give your hair additional smoothness. These procedures will help your curls look soft and voluminous.

2. Try natural hair drying or use a hair diffuser

Curly girls can feel ok without the hairdryer and just use natural drying. In addition to minimizing the risk of damage, natural drying is ideal on hot summer days when you want to break your hot hairdryer into a million pieces instead of using it.

3. Spray your hair for quick styling

If the curls lost their volume and elasticity, there is nothing better than spraying the hair with Argan oil or rinsing conditioner.  After spraying, gently comb the curls with a brush to give them instant shine and elasticity.

4. Become a Sleeping Beauty - sleep on the satin bed linen

A satin pillow will prevent your hair from stretching and brittle. Besides, it’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

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