Despite the fact, that nowadays there are lots of hair straightening treatments such as botox hair treatment and home keratin treatment without formaldehyde, still many ladies use flat iron. We don’t support the idea of overusing this heating device, however, some tips will make your hair straightening better and safer. What are they? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Use thermal protection. This is your ultimate must-have even if you don't blow-dry your hair or use flat iron often. Hot temperatures are the main cause of hair damage, so invest some money in good thermal protection.
2. Set the right temperature. Always check the temperature of your flat iron. Perhaps you set it in the wrong way. Set the temperature at 190 ° for blonde hair and at 220 or 230 ° for natural or dark hair.
3. Move your flat iron slowly. Your ultimate goal or to achieve the desired straightening effect from the first time, so you don’t have to use the flat iron several times on one strand.
4. Don’t overuse the device. 2 times for month will be more than enough in order not to damage your hair.
5. Use Amazinliss Tanino as your #1 helper! Tanino is a home keratin treatment without formaldehyde. This treatment will make your strands silky (even heat-damaged hair!). The procedure lasts just one hour! This is the best SOS hair smoothing and straightening treatment that can be easily performed by you at home!

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