Coarse or stiff hair is one of the most common hair types.
The hair seems to be unruly and it can hardly be styled. Besides, nowadays we use blow dryers and stylers almost every day, apart from aggressive hair dyes, hair sprays, and sun exposure. How can you solve the situation and make your hair smooth again? Let’s find it out!

You need the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is essential for coarse hair care. Almost all of your beauty efforts should be directed towards moisturizing and softening such hair type. Frequent hair washes will negatively affect any type of hair and can become a real disaster for coarse hair. In order to avoid this, we recommend you washing your hair once every three days.

Find a shampoo that washes off well and contains moisturizing ingredients such as wheat germ oil, shea butter, coconut oil.

Oils help to retain moisture by enveloping the hair surface and protecting it from drying out. Avoid using volumizing shampoos. Wash your hair with warm or even cool water in order for hair cuticles not to open, it makes hair really rough.

Use Keratin Treatment For Your Hair Health

Besides, we recommend trying the Nutree Amazonliss treatment which is one of the most popular keratin treatments in the world! It provides absolute hair straightening and maximum brightness for up to 4 months!

Amazonliss provides
  • Hydration and nutrition
  • Thermal hair protection
  • Absolute hair straightness
  • Prevention of grow-outs
The composition of Amazonliss Nutree is rich with natural ingredients, among which there are natural extracts of Cacao, Acai, Rice, Soya, Corn, and Wheat.

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