Look at your bathroom shelf. What do you see? A shampoo, a conditioner - that's it? However, hairstylists think that it’s not enough and name at least 5 more products that you will definitely need for the shiniest hair ever. We will tell about them in today’s article, check it out!

1. Hair mask

A hair mask provides intense nutrition or hydration. Unfortunately, a hair conditioner is not enough to cover all hair care needs. We are constantly facing the unfavorable environmental conditions, we dye our hair, style it with a hairdryer and styler, apply styling products, etc. After these procedures, our hair requires further restoration and only a good hair mask is able to cope with this.

2. Thermal protection

Even if you don't blow-dry your hair or use hair stylers, thermal protection will be needed in summer or when traveling to hot countries. Hot temperatures are one of the main factors of hair damage, so invest some money in good thermal protection.

3. Leave-in conditioner

The leave-in conditioner is like decorative cosmetics for the face. We cleaned our hair and nourished it with conditioner, and then we need to give it a chic glossy look with a leave-in product. Choose a conditioner according to your needs. For example, it could be a moisturizing spray or a smoothing fluid.

4. Dry shampoo

This is a real lifesaver for the owners of brittle, dyed, or thin hair. Dry shampoo will keep your hair fresh longer, style it, and add volume. Don’t forget that after using dry shampoo in the morning, you will have to wash your hair in the evening.

5. A nice comb

It is no coincidence that we have decided to name a hair comb as a separate point. Many women buy the cheapest combs and then wonder why their hair breaks so much. A low-quality comb poorly detangles the hair, pulls it, damaging the structure. The rough material scrapes the top layer of the hair making it vulnerable to damage.

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