Your tips to use Keratin Threatment at Home

  1. WASH YOUR HAIR. Wash your hair thoroughly with the help of clarifying shampoo. To prevent formation of knots, brush your hair with the wide-tooth comb. 
  2. DRY YOUR HAIRSet a hair dryer on the highest heat and dry the locks. Make sure you don’t have any wet strands before proceeding.
  3. BRUSH AND DIVIDE HAIRUse the wide-tooth comb again to get rid of tangles. Divide your hair into 3 parts, take big butterfly clips and pin up 2 side sections, leaving the middle one hanging down. 
  4. APPLY KERATIN TREATMENT.Put on disposable gloves. Place the Keratin Treatment into a bowl and take a small amount of the mixture to apply it to the middle section of the hair. Distribute the product along the locks equally. Make sure the hair is not too damp, if it is, use a comb to get rid of any excess. Do the same with the side sections. 
  5. DRY YOUR HAIRThis time dry your hair on the medium heat. 
  6. STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIRSet the flat iron to 450 degrees and comb your hair carefully. Start straightening with little sections (no wider than 2 inches). Iron each section minimum 5-7 times. 
  7. Enjoy your shiny straight hair!

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