We never tired of repeating that all the new trends have been already popular someday. Such a pattern applies not only to clothes but also to hairstyles. Did you miss short haircuts, hair accessories, and sleek hair? Then you can raise a glass of champagne because 2021 is a great time to return to the trends of the past!

Large curls

In the 90s, large curls made with a wide curler were incredibly popular. Now such a hairstyle is chosen by many celebrities again. However, we don’t recommend making very long curls for short girls, because the hairstyle will make the silhouette squeezed, as a result of which the beauties will seem even shorter then they are.

Scrunchie ponytail

Fans of sleek hairstyles never ignore high and low ponytails. However, if earlier they preferred to do their hair using invisible elastic bands, now you can use voluminous hair accessories such as scrunchies. Thirty-year-old beauties will remember how their mothers were making them just such a hairstyle in their childhood. For your hair to be super sleek, try keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment!

Beach waves

In the 90s, models couldn’t be seen on the runway with perfectly neat hair styling, sleek hair, or complicated layered hairstyles. The best option was natural beach waves: in this case, the hair looked imperfect, but this was exactly the trend. Therefore, if you prefer long hair to a short bob, pay attention to the beach hair styling - it looks much more interesting than straight and elongated strands.

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