Nutree Cosmetics - Feb 15, 2023

A UNIQUE choice to be made: 1 bottle or a whole Unique Step set?

Well, the idea of writing this article came to our minds when we checked out the feedbacks of our amazing clients regarding the Unique Step Keratin Treatment. All of them were so satisfied with the results of a single Protein Smoothing Brush, that asked us so many questions about the complete set!

What’s better to choose: a one 60 ml bottle of a Protein Smoothing Brush or a set consisting of Anti-frizz shampoo + conditioner, and Protein Smoothing Brush? Find out the answer in this article!

Nutree Amazonliss Unique Step is an innovative keratin complex treatment, providing the ultimate beauty of your hair! You don’t need anti-residue shampoo anymore! Besides, the whole procedure became as comfortable as possible - you won’t inhale poisonous formaldehyde fumes! Along with all the above-mentioned bonuses of the Unique Step, the amazing smoothing effect will last up to 3 months. No more dead hair ends!

We recommend you buying a single bottle if:

  • you want to give this treatment a try for the first time 
  • you have straight and obedient hair 
  • you have a shampoo and a conditioner that you are happy with

Nutree Amazonliss Unique Step

In all other cases, it’s much better to choose a Unique Step set! Anti-frizz keratin shampoo and conditioner will not just tame rebellious hair and make it smoother but prolong the effect of a Protein Smoothing Brush! Besides, we know that all products work much better if work together as a comprehensive treatment including several steps!