Nutree Cosmetics - Mar 1, 2023

Acai extract: a precious ingredient for hair protection

The elixir of longevity, the black milk of the Amazon, the fountain of youth, the berry of the Tree of Life and the sensational superfood - it’s all about acai. In this article, let’s find out all the amazing haircare properties of acai extract! Imagine all the vitamins and minerals that you know.

Now imagine that this whole complex is contained in acai! It’s the most antioxidant-rich product that protects cells from premature aging. Acai contains the entire spectrum of B vitamins, vitamin E, C, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, fatty acids, proteins! Say goodbye to dead hair ends and heat damaged hair!

Acai extract retains its active composition in full, so acai-based products have a healing and regenerating effect. Acai enriches keratin straightening formulas, giving them additional amazing properties that make your hair silky!

-  high content of vitamin E protects against adverse environmental factors

- minerals and vitamins provide nutrition along the entire hair length

- amino acids in bioavailable form provide restoration and smoothing of hair structure

- organic acids provide a healing and gentle cleansing of the scalp

Nutree Amazonliss 

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The composition of Amazonliss Nutree is rich with natural ingredients, among which there are natural extracts of Cacao, Acai, Rice, Soya, Corn, and Wheat. Say goodbye to dead hair ends!