We bet you heard of the Amazonliss system before. Let us tell you more about this #1 choice of hairstylists in terms of keratin straightening.

Amazonliss is a System that deeply restores your hair, making it perfectly straight. High strength is achieved due to the effects of Hydrolyzed Keratin and the Antioxidant properties of natural extracts of Acai and Cocoa from the Amazon Valley in Brazil. We appreciate such precious extracts in the composition of our products.

Check out the main Amazonliss components:

 -4 types of Hydrolyzed Protein: Rice, Soy, Corn, and Wheat.

 -Acai and Cocoa Berry Extract.

 Amazonliss Benefits:

  • Absolute straightening and extreme brightness!
  • Deep hydration and nutrition of hair!
  • Thermal hair protection!
  • The longest recovery result - from 4 to 6 months!
  • Suitable for all hair types!
  • Only natural ingredients!
  • Minimum expense - up to 30 procedures from 1 liter! Super economical!
  • High income of the master and beauty salon, as the Amazonliss cost is relatively low and very attractive!
  • Quick and easy procedure!
  • Minimum drying time!
  • Very effective and safe procedure - straightens even Afro hair!
  • You can wash and style your hair on the same day - no need to wait!
  • Minimal vapor and odor - it’s a guarantee of the comfort of the model and the hairstylist!
  • It can be performed after any chemical procedure, including perming!
  • Perfectly smooth hair!
  • Worldwide success!

We have just convinced you to try our system, haven’t we? We bet you like it!

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