Behind the Chair: Insights from NAHA Stylists

The North American Hairdressing Awards (NAHA) celebrate the artistry, skill, and innovation of hairstylists across the continent. We had the privilege of speaking with several talented stylists, delving into their experiences, inspirations, and thoughts on industry trends. Here are the highlights from our interviews, linked to the innovative Brazilian Bondox Expert from Nutree Cosmetics.

What Does Being a Stylist Mean to You?

For many, being a stylist transcends the simple act of cutting or coloring hair; it's a form of self-expression and independence. "It's about freedom," shared one stylist, capturing the essence of many responses. Creativity and the ability to be independent were common themes, highlighting the personal and professional fulfillment that comes from the craft.

Brittani Nicole, from Hair By Brittani Nicole in Bel Air, MD, emphasized how these values manifest in her salon. "I successfully apply creativity and independence every day, shaping unique looks for my clients," she said. Ramela Robertson from Reveal Salon in Phoenix Salon Suites echoed these sentiments, noting the joy and freedom in her work.

Both stylists were thrilled to receive the Brazilian Bondox Expert as a gift, a testament to Nutree Cosmetics' commitment to supporting stylists. Introducing this product into their salons promises to enhance their service offerings.

Social Media in the Salon Business

The influence of social media on the salon industry is undeniable, yet it comes with challenges. Many stylists, including those we interviewed, manage their own social media, which they find time-consuming. "I'd rather focus on working with hair than spending hours on social media," admitted Brittani. Despite its benefits, social media often fails to capture the true quality of a stylist's work, leading to frustrations. Ramela is considering hiring an assistant to manage her online presence, acknowledging the need for a balance between digital engagement and hands-on creativity.


Experience with Keratin and Botox for Hair

The introduction of advanced hair treatments like keratin and botox has revolutionized the salon experience. Both Brittani and Ramela have incorporated these services into their offerings, with the Brazilian Bondox Expert being a standout product. "It’s a game-changer," Brittani shared, highlighting its effectiveness in smoothing and rejuvenating hair. Ramela noted the positive feedback from clients and the noticeable improvement in hair texture and manageability.


Hair By Brittani Nicole


Ramela Robertson


Our conversations with these talented stylists underscore the passion and dedication that drive the hairdressing industry. The Brazilian Bondox Expert by Nutree Cosmetics not only supports their creative endeavors but also enhances their service offerings, ensuring clients receive the best care possible.

For more information on the Brazilian Bondox Expert, visit Nutree Cosmetics and discover how this innovative product can transform your hair care routine.

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