Shampoos for dry, oily, dull, dyed, thin hair, dandruff shampoos, products for hair nourishment, moisturizing. The action of different hair products is very diverse. You have to choose hair care products not just according to your hair type and problems but according to your allergies and product ingredients that might be really allergic. Let’s see this problem on the example of a shampoo.

Shampoos usually contains 10 to 30 ingredients. Some of them are especially important:
 - surfactants that help clean and wash your hair;
 - conditioners;
 - active ingredients affecting the hair and scalp;
 - additives that stabilize the product, giving it the nice smell and color.

Almost all of these components can cause allergic dermatitis, which can affect not only the scalp skin but sometimes the skin on several other areas of the body. In particular the eyelids, face, neck, upper back.

Common symptoms of a shampoo allergy are itching and swelling of the skin. They usually disappear when the product is thoroughly washed off.

What can you do if you realized that you are allergic to any hair product? Well, first of all, you should immediately switch this product to another one or even stop using such type of product for some time. Next, you should definitely visit a doctor, so he helps you to choose antihistamine drugs or treatments. If you often have allergies, choose only hypoallergenic products that are usually sold in pharmacies or drugstores.

Stay healthy!

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