It’s not easy to over-condition your hair, however, still, some ladies successfully do it believing that they do good to their hair. How can you avoid over-conditioning and determine it? Find it out in this article!Some time ago co-washing was super popular. Many ladies believed that using hair conditioner instead of shampoo is a great idea, however, a conditioner can’t dissolve and wash away hair sebum and impurities accumulated on your hair and scalp. If you see that your hair looks oily right after washing, it’s not voluminous and looks or feels even sticky a little bit, it means that you over-condition your hair! Don’t apply hair conditioner on hair roots, start from the middle of your hair length and properly wash it off.In order for your hair to look fantastic without over-conditioning, try Amazonliss Magicliss Spray! It’s the perfect choice for hair that easily gets electrified. The product smoothes the hair, makes it more moist and obedient which is very important in the cold season. Among the ingredients are proteins and tannins that provide conditioning action. Sounds like worth trying, isn’t it?

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