There are so many beauty myths that sometimes we can’t even tell which one is true and which one is false. Sometimes there are even myths in which we’ll be glad to believe. Does your hair grow faster in winter? Keep on reading and find it out!Unfortunately, our hair doesn’t grow faster in winter. On the contrary, due to the lack of vitamins, constant cold and synthetic clothes our hair may not look its best when it’s super cold outside. Besides, you may even face hair loss which is always very frightening especially for a woman since our hair is an essential part of our beauty!In order to make your hair stronger in winter and protect it from possible damage, use the Amazonliss Hairloss Control tonic. Its composition includes Biotin, which both cares for your hair scalp and prevents hair loss making your locks strong. Bio Vegetal Complex regulates the sebaceous gland function and activates cellular metabolism, which contributes to hair growth.

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