Each owner of dry hair wishes to have a magic product that will make it lively, shiny and silky at once. Choosing the right shampoo fur daily hair care is very important: when using a product with the wrong composition, the existing problem (if there is any) can only worsen. The following components should be present in shampoo for dry hair:

  • nutritious oils;
  • moisturizing oils;
  • lipid complexes;
  • silicones in order to fill voids in dry hair;
  • glycerin in order to restore natural shine;
  • natural ingredients and natural extracts.

 Types of shampoos for dry hair

  • Nutrient: such shampoos are aimed at enriching the hair structure with nutrients;
  • Restorative: these shampoos are created in order to fill voids inside each of thin hair and restore lost connections between hair molecules;
  • Moisturizing: these products help nourish the hair along its entire length.

For everyday hair care of brittle hair, choose products without SLS in the composition. This aggressive component negatively affects the natural pH of the scalp and opens hair cuticles, making hair even more damaged and porous. Shampoos with delicate washing agents do not dry hair at all, contribute to the delivery of nutrients in the hair structure. Nutree Anti Frizz Shampoo is perfect for dry hair. Acai and Cocoa extracts work in combination in order to provide the ultimate restoration and nourishment of your hair.

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