Botox hair treatment: how to use?

Hair Botox is conditioning deep treatment which makes it easy to manage lustrous and frizz-free hair every day.

The treatment is accomplished when the hair is clean. So the first steps lie in acquiring the specialist shampoo and not using a conditioner.

It is necessary to comb the hair, section it and make it tangle free. In order to assist in absorbing the product, you need to massage the hair.

After you have done these procedures on your whole hair, the product is not recommended to stay on your hair within more than 45 minutes. After this period of time, it is necessary to wash the Botox off soak your hair for seven exact minutes in order to assure that it is entirely removed.

The next step is blow drying. The dryer ought to be held vertical so that you will ensure that your hair is straight and will not break. The next step is the ceramic. It is not as significant as blow drying but it ought to be used so that the result will be optimum. The best result is healthy, smooth and shiny hair.

It is required to use a special shampoo during the treatment process. It is also necessary to use a conditioner so that the treatment will last longer.

The treatment results are the following:

1) Extreme rejuvenation of your hair. Anti-age capabilities of Botox will transform your hair to the state as it was in youth.

2) Giving your hair an entire makeover within 45 minutes.

3) Affordable service providing instant and stunning results. It is ideal for any special occasion when you need to look perfect.

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