Hair botox treatment is one of the most popular haircare procedures nowadays. What is hair botox, what are the results and benefits of this treatment, how long does it last? Find out all the answers in this article!

 1. What is Hair Botox Treatment

Hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment which makes it easy to manage unruly and frizzy hair every day. Hair botox is a procedure that will transform dull, dry, and damaged locks, revive them and make them nourished. This treatment is suitable for all hair types.

Botox hair treatment has a visually rejuvenating effect on the hair, but it has nothing to do with botulinum toxin injections. However, formulas from some manufacturers of this treatment may still include botulinum toxin C. This substance and its action differ from botulinum toxin A, which is able to smooth out wrinkles on hair.

Hair botox is often compared with the keratin straightening procedure. The thing is that both procedures create the effect of smooth and shiny hair. Of course, there are some differences. Botox compositions on average include more caring components. It’s also worth noting that the visual effect of botox lasts a little less. However, hair botox helps to neutralize yellowness. This is a nice bonus if your strands are dyed in a cool shade and you don’t want them to turn yellow.


 2. Hair Botox Procedure. All Steps.

Be sure to put on gloves and get yourself a thin fishbone brush. Don’t apply hair botox on roots. Conduct allergy test before using

 - Shampooing. It’s the first essential step. Wash your hair with the anti-residue shampoo. This will make your hair absolutely clean of all impurities and hairstyle products.

 - Blow-Drying. Dry your hair by 80-100%. This will create a great base for the following steps.

 - Preparing the Botox. There are different types of hair botox treatment. You can either use ready-made botox in the form of mask or botox that should be prepared by you right before application. You'll need to dilute the concentrate in water or mix a two-phase agent according to the instructions.

 - Mixture Application. Divide the hair into several (4-8) parts and apply the composition. Use a special brush and a wide-toothed comb.

 - Waiting. Leave the composition on the hair for 30-40 minutes. If you use special blonde hair botox, the longer you leave it on your hair, the more platinum your locks become

 - Washing. Rinse the hair, removing 80% of the composition. Don’t forget to leave enough product on your strands in order to flat-iron them. Fully dry your hair after washing it.

 - Flat-ironing. Divide your hair into several strands again. Flat-iron each strand 10-15 times according to the initial structure of your hair. The flat iron temperature should be about 380-450 °F. Choose the minimal temperature for weak, brittle, and blonde hair.

 3. How to keep the effect of hair botox

Post-botox haircare isn’t difficult at all. In order to prolong the beauty of your hair, you should only follow some simple recommendations.

 1 Wash your locks on the third day after the botox hair treatment so that the composition settled into your hair. Choose sulfate-free shampoos, as sodium sulfate destroys the protective coating. Besides, don’t wash your hair every day and don’t brush it if it’s wet — you can damage both the hair itself and the protective coating.

 2. Protect your hair from prolonged exposure to moisture. Use a hairdryer after each hair wash. If it rains or snows, be sure to wear a hat.

 3. Heat devices can damage the protective layer as well. Reduce the thermal effect, if possible, don’t use the flat iron or hair styler often. 

  4. A few days after the botox hair treatment, additionally moisturize the hair with oil or a mask based on herbal ingredients.


 4. Botox Hair Treatment: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How Long Does Hair Botox Treatment Last?

A: As a rule, the results last up to 2 months. 

Q: What are the Benefits of Hair Botox?

A: This is a quite affordable treatment that can rejuvenate your hair and revive it just in one hour. You’ll receive soft, nourished, and shiny hair. 

Q: Does Hair Botox Straighten Your Hair?

A: Yes, if your hair is frizzy, then it will become more relaxed and wavy, however, you won’t receive super sleek locks. 

Q: What Should I Do to Keep my Hair Botox Result as Long as Possible?

A: Protect your hair from moisture, use sulphate-free shampoo and nourishing mask, don’t overuse heat devices. 

Q: Is Hair Botox Safe for my Hair?

A: If you use high-quality compositions according to the instructions, then hair botox will be safe for your hair. 

Q: What are the Differences Between Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment?

A: Hair botox doesn’t make your hair 100% straight, it’s aimed at overall hair restoration and improvement of condition. Besides, hair botox result lasts less then keratin treatment result. 

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