The procedure under this name is aimed at complex restoration of the strands using a special combination of active substances (they penetrate into each hair, healing them from the inside). It has nothing in common with botox for the face: it does not contain botulinum toxin. It is introduced not by injection, but by masks and serums.

The active components noticeably strengthen the curls, giving them softness and elasticity, accelerating the metabolic processes and the growth of new hairs, making the locks more voluminous, shiny and elastic-like.

The secret of the procedure is the impact on the natural structure of the strands from the inside. The active substances penetrate deep inside and gradually restore the structure of the strands, removing minor damage.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive features of the procedure include:

Hair becomes well-groomed;

Split ends and dryness disappear;

Strands become obedient, easier for daily styling;

Curls are saturated with nutrients, becoming more healthy and strong.

Healthy hair

Negative effects:

The effect on the curls lasts no longer than 2 months;

Botox can not be used on recently-dyed hair (you need to wait about 2 weeks);

Not suitable for pregnant.

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