You know, Latina women often laugh when they hear something like: “Woah, I love your hair, wish I had the same!” In fact, such locks are usually not just coily but super unruly and tough as well. What’s the best treatment, apart from the keratin straightening, if a Latina women doesn’t want to fully straighten her locks but want them to look as healthy and neat as possible? Find out all the answers in this article!

The perfect solution for such situation is Brown Bottox Expert. This option of Brazilian Bottox was exclusively created for our amazing brunettes! A blend of highly nourishing specialized ingredients enriches the hair with vitamins, so it becomes shiny, moisturized, and renewed.

Nutree Brazilian Bottox is a color depositing mask for dark hair that can help your locks to be stunningly good-looking without strong chemicals! This is a completely natural product enriched with Almond Oil and Marine Collagen. This brunette hair mask quickly and gently penetrates each hair's deepest layers, improving structure and filling from the inside. 

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