Keratin (Brazilian) hair straightening is a procedure thanks to which you can make even very curly hair smooth.

In addition to the external effect, keratin hair straightening also has healing properties: the procedure helps to restore the structure of split, discolored and damaged hair. And the more damaged is hair structure before straightening, the stronger effect will it have; with each new procedure, the effect becomes more noticeable. As a result, you get strong, shiny, elastic hair, which is easily styled and are not subject to any vagaries of the weather. Now let's compare the most popular keratin in the market to determine the best.

What type of hair does it serve for: Suitable for all types of hair. The main stage of the procedure smoothes and straightens the hair, makes them manageable, soft and shiny. Natural and universal keratin, serves for any type of hair (long, short, thin, thick, curly, straight, furry, electrified, etc.). And also for the hair that has been extended, and the hair that has undergone chemical straightening.

Does it serve for an African type of hair: Yes, it has been proven to be very effective for the African type of hair

How much does it last: If the recommendations for hair care are kept, the effect will last up to four months

How much time does the procedure take: From 90 minutes

Average price for the service in the salon: $175-350

Do I have to wait 3 days to wash my hair with shampoo: Not necessary. Hair can be washed with non-sulfate shampoo after the procedure. Range for home care is recommended

How many products for the procedure does the set include: The standard set includes three products: shampoo, keratin and a mask. Different volumes to choose from. Available for free with free delivery in the US when ordering from $100

Does it have scent: Scent is almost not felt if the procedure is held in a well-ventilated room

Is there any formaldehyde: Absent

Average price for the set:

$55,00 - 2,03 fl.oz

$99,99 - 8,45 fl.oz

$199,00 - 33,8 fl.oz

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