Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 13 2022

Dandruff caused by dry air: is there a way out?

White flakes on the scalp and sometimes shoulders are called dandruff. These are dead skin particles. It’s believed that dandruff is the result of poor hygiene, however, it’s not true. In many cases dandruff is caused by different reasons. Among the most popular of them is dry air.

When it’s cold outside, central heating becomes our best friend, but apart from the obvious benefits, it brings us a certain problem which is dry air. It becomes difficult to breathe not only for us, but also for our skin, so it begins to peel off and as a result, dandruff appears.

Did you know that the optimal relative humidity for humans is 50%, while in winter, due to the work of heating appliances, this mark is set at around 20%? Feel the difference!

If you have dandruff, contact a specialist who will make the necessary diagnosis and prescribe treatment. It may include:

  • external products
  • special shampoos
  • normalization of the diet

The dandruff treatment plan may include changes in your daily routine. For example, it may include more walking, staying outdoors, as well as increasing the number of proteins in the diet and reducing fats. This helps to moisturize the skin and normalize the production of sebum.

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