Formaldehyde isone of the most poisonous ingredients that can be a part of the composition of some hair care products and even procedures. Nowadays each of us is trying to go green somehow, especially when it comes to vegans and vegetarians. What about the composition of Amazonliss Vegan Care? Does this product line contain formaldehyde? Let’s find it out!

This product line was long-awaited by people who are trying to live in harmony with nature. Nutree always pays attention to clients’ wishes and needs, so this Vegan Care line was created especially for those who asked for it with respect to nature.

Amazonliss Vegan Care includes Purifying Shampoo, Reducer Fluid, and Reconstructive Mask. All these products don’t contain any formaldehyde or substances of animal origin. Vegan Care was created according to GO GREEN technology, which means that all products are absolutely natural and cruelty-free.

Among the key ingredients of this product line are:

- Coconut oil

- Olive oil

- Phospholipids

- Glycolipids

- Phytosterols

- Vitamin F

The combination of such powerful natural ingredients provides deep hydration and restoration of hair. All of them help to prevent hair breakage and have an anti-frizz effect.

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