Botox Hair does not contain formaldehyde. The composition is named by analogy with the well-known cosmetic product, so that the consumer can understand how it works, but this is a completely different product. Absolutely safe, with no animal testing. Botox also contains components such as:

plant extracts;
glutamic acid;
proteins elastin and collagen;
amino acids;
various harmless chemical compounds.

Botox is more versatile. It really heals the hair. Smoothing strands is a side effect, rather than the main purpose of Botox. The tool is suitable for curls of any type, including fat. First of all, Botox solves the problem of fragility, so it can be recommended to women with long, curly and fluffy, split ends. Botox does not “straighten” curls. It does not act as radically as keratin.

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