There is nothing new in using natural hair beauty products. For example, oils or decoctions of herbs have long been known for their beneficial properties for hair. However, such a product as rice water is gaining popularity at the moment. What are the benefits of rice water, does it really work for hair growth and shine? Find it out in this article!

 1. Rice water helps boost hair growth. Are you suffering from hair loss and want to strengthen your locks naturally? Rice water is one of the products worth considering in this case! It includes amino acids, vitamins B, C, and D, which help to repair hair and stimulate hair growth.

 2. Rice water for hair can reduce split ends. Who doesn't want to get rid of dead hair ends? If you’re looking for solutions to this problem as well, you can try rice water. It’s rich in proteins that help to repair damaged strands, keeping their ends nice and healthy. 

 3. Rice water protects hair from damage. Rice water contains vitamin B6, which helps to maintain the elasticity of the hair and also protects its surface from damage. This allows you to prevent hair breakage.

However, in order for rice water to be even more effective, use it together with Amazonliss Pro Keratin Mask! It’s a brand new innovative product introduced by Nutree. It was developed with Coconut Water and Balsamic Blend. These ingredients have organic acids content and natural antioxidants which provide retexturization of hair fibers and nourishment of the cuticular structure, making your hair stronger than ever!

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