All women want to be beautiful everywhere: in the city, at work, at home and of course in the gym. Today we have collected 10 best hairstyles that will look gorgeous and at the same time comfortable for the gym sessions. 1 Horse Ponytail. A ponytail is the most common hairstyle for going to the fitness center. However, you can make it high of low, there are plenty of variants to choose. 2 Braids. Braids secure hair very well during the training session. Great choice! 3 Headband or bandana prevents hair from falling off right to your forehead and face. 4 Bun. The most minimalistic hairstyle that gives you the best freedom of movement. 5 Side braid. A new classics of the usual braid. 6 “Fishtail" braid. One more option of the classical braid. Who says that braids are boring? 7 Hat or cap. Not only secures your hair but completes your whole look. The best choice for fashionistas!

8 Braided bun. 2 in 1, don’t you think that it is worth trying? 

9 French side braid. Here are braids again. Who doesn’t want to look as gorgeous as French women, right? 

10 Free braids - ponytails. The cherry on top of our list and probably the most beautiful hairstyle. Choose it if you prefer not very active training, for example, if you do yoga or stretching.

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