Hair products don't need to radically change for the summer. It remains a fact that hair damage is mostly caused by blow-drying, the use of hot tools and coloring. Since hair is subjected to greater oxidation, high temperatures dry and damage the cuticle of the hair, sometimes to the point where it breaks off - so the main thing is protection. For the summer, it is enough just to switch to special shampoos, masks and conditioners which contain sunscreens and sun protection.

Hair cannot regenerate, which is why the process of caring for it must be continuous. It is an individual choice to nourish or moisturize your hair. It all depends on the condition of the hair and what it needs. Damaged hair must be restored, dry hair must be moisturized, and dyed hair must be protected from loss of color.

To restore and smooth the hair, we recommend Botox for hair.

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