Everybody knows that keratin repairs the damaged hair areas, so one can see that hair became more shiny, less frizzy, and manageable in general. Keratin treatment is suitable for every hair type. It makes your hair healthy, glossy and helps your hair color to stay longer. We have a special organic keratin protein treatments that do not contain any formaldehyde, as well as the other poisonous chemicals that are usually used in keratin treatments. Our formula contains natural keratin and the whole range of natural and organic extracts and oils. Organic keratin treatment uses only organic ingredients. No harmful chemicals and formaldehyde. Organic keratin treatment uses argan oil and aloe vera, that’s why organic keratin treatment is the most advantageous keratin solution.

Benefit 1: No permanent damage

Organic keratin treatment causes no permanent damage. Your hair will return to its usual condition in 3 months after the procedure.

Benefit 2: Very effective

Organic keratin treatment helps to achieve straight and shiny hair even if your hair is totally damaged.

Benefit 3: Suits any hair type

Organic keratin treatment works with all the hair types. The result will be amazing anyway!

Since keratin is essentially rebuilding the damaged areas of the hair, clients can expect to see an increase in shine, less frizz, and an overall easier styling process. Every hair type benefits from keratin treatments. It makes the hair more lustrous and the color looks richer and lasts longer. As a result, your hair will look younger.

New Amazonliss Vegan Care Line will be available soon. 

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