The main cause of fluffiness is the structure of the hair. Only light and thin hairs or their tips can be expelled. Consider why hair may be like this:

Physiology - curls from birth thin out. The use of thermal, chemical and mechanical means damage the hair. All “beauty tools” spoil any, even the strongest hair, drying them and damaging the structure.

As a result, dehydration and collagen production occurs in the hair follicles and hair. Improper washing and aftercare cause more problems for the hair.

Clothing provoking hair damage can be synthetics. Synthetics are strongly electrified, passing this property to the hair. Improper diet and lack of fluid entering the body also come into play.

You can fight fluffy hair with professional care.

Keratin straightening uses a complex of liquid keratin and a number of essential trace elements. The procedure should be done every three to four months. \

Botox for hair is an easier way to make your hair frizz-free. Results last up to two months.

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