Have you just performed botox hair treatment? Congrats! We’re sure that you’re delighted with the amazing result. However, right after the treatment many ladies are worried about the hair wash — are there any rules on how to do it correctly? No worries — we’ll explain everything in this article!


Basically, there are no special rules on washing your hair after the botox hair treatment. The only important thing is to use sulphate-free shampoo that can significantly prolong the perfect result. We recommend you try Amazonliss Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner Set.


This shampoo provides total restoration of your hair. It’s a necessary part of Nutree Amazonliss Brazilian Smoothing Treatment, providing you a full revival and smoothing. Besides, you can also buy an Amazonliss After Care conditioner that will complement the effects of the shampoo.

Besides, don’t rub shampoo into your hair. Lather the shampoo with light massage movements on the scalp, distributing the resulting lather over the entire length of the hair. This is enough to make hair clean. Remember, excess friction damages your hair and adds frizz!


  • Ely Aguilar said:

    Hi bought the Nutrer Botox and would like to know if I can use hair any hair oil after the Brazilian Botox. Thanks in advance

    November 05, 2023

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