A keratin treatment represents a quite long process which involves several steps. So if you decided to get the procedure, don’t plan anything else after it and don’t grab magazines or books from home as most of the service time you will spend with your eyes closed. The problem is that being a strong mixture Keratin can make your cry.

The process will start with washing your hair, after which a hairstylist will apply keratin to each lock. Then your hair will be flat ironed which will make it straight and smooth. The next stage is washing your hair again, rinsing out the product thoroughly. Finally, the specialist will blow dry and style your hair.

Amazonliss is an Anti-frizz Treatment System which helps to recover damaged hair thanks to the action of Hydrolyzed Keratin and Antioxidant characteristics of the Acai and Cocoa, natural extracts from Amazon – Brazil that get inside the cuticle, reforming its structure, moistening and restoring processed hair, making it soft, manageable and bright during almost 16 weeks.

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