Nutree Cosmetics - Jan 26, 2023

Growth issues - how can you achieve the desired hair length?

Luxurious long hair — is there a woman who doesn’t want to have such locks? Hollywood beauties have their secrets, the main one is hair extensions that not just cost much but can become a reason of serious problems, as artificial capsules are often too heavy, so they pull out your natural hair!

However, you can consider us your personal fairies, as we have prepared a truly magical solution for your natural locks to grow fast! Just try our Length Extender Hair Mask that was created specially for hair that just doesn’t grow as long as you want it to be! The result is fantastic: your hair will grow 4 inches longer in just 3 months, become healthier-looking and much more nourished. Length Extender Hair Mask is suitable for all hair types!

Length Extender Mask

The innovative formula includes powerful proteins to strengthen and condition your hair. Among the key components there are also filler complex and burdock oil. You won’t find parabens or sulfates in the composition.

Here’s a little secret: in order to make this mask work even better, put on a shower cap, wrap a towel around your head, and leave this mask for 15 minutes.