What Is Hair Botox?

Botox hair treatment seems to be super popular yet still mysterious haircare procedure for many ladies. Some of them believe that such a treatment isn’t effective as much as keratin straightening, some think that’s an injectable treatment… What’s the truth and how can you understand if this treatment meets your hair needs? Check out this comprehensive article and find out ALL the answers! 

What Is Hair Botox Actually?

Hair botox is a salon procedure that instantly gives your hair a healthy and neat look. Despite the name, this hair conditioning treatment has nothing to do with facial botox injections: the hairstylist  only applies a special composition along the entire length of the hair, which fills the damaged areas. So, the name is basically a metaphor: just as beauty injections rejuvenate the face, so hair botox rejuvenates your strands. Hair botox is often compared to keratin straightening and other similar procedures. The fact is that both treatments create the effect of smooth and shiny hair. However, there are also some differences. Botox compositions are usually more mild and sparing and include more natural components. It’s also worth noting that the visual effect of botox lasts a little less - about 2 months.

Main Benefits of Hair Botox

The components of botox hair treatment penetrate deep into the hair structure and fill the damaged areas. As a result, the strands become denser, thicker and more shiny. Producers use different ingredients: for example, there are compounds based on proteins, oils, amino acids. As a rule, the composition of Botox includes a large number of natural ingredients and oils that have an additional caring effect. Among them are vitamins A, B, C, E, green tea and aloe vera extracts as well as amino acids. Besides, hair botox is a gentle procedure, so it suits any type of hair.

The Differences Between Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment

Hair Botox shouldn’t be confused with keratin hair straightening. The result of the procedures is different. Botox doesn’t straighten hair. Keeping the natural structure, it eliminates frizz and makes your locks smoother. Keratin straightening makes your hair absolutely sleek and smooth. In case of keratin restoration, the hair is coated with a thin film of liquid keratin, which gives the effect of smoothness. Botox has a caring effect, it penetrates the hair without reducing the natural waviness. Unlike keratin, botox also helps to neutralize the hair yellowness. This is a nice bonus if you’re a blonde. 

Hair Bottox Effect For Any Hair

Can I Use Botox With Any Hair Type?

Botox is suitable for all hair types, especially for thin hair. If the procedure is performed correctly, the locks look more dense and voluminous, without weighting down. Wavy and curly hair looks soft, neat, and shiny, however, it doesn’t become super straight as this treatment just improves your natural hair shape making your locks obedient. If you have naturally straight hair, it will become much more lively and nourished from the inside.

Hair Botox Benefits vs Hair Loss

Botox hair treatment moisturizes the scalp, restoring the water balance, which contributes to the growth of new hair. Due to the fact that the hair and scalp are nourished, the hair follicles are activated, their functioning improves. Besides, the vitamin complex contained in the composition has a therapeutic effect on the hair in general.

Hair Botox Treatment Availability and Aftercare

If you decided to perform this treatment for the first time, we recommend you visit a hair salon. A professional hairstylist should evaluate your hair condition first and find the right botox composition and method exclusively for your hair.  Besides, he will give you individual post-treatment recommendations. However, there are some general rules that you should follow in order for the amazing result to last.  

  • protect your hair from prolonged exposure to moisture and low temperatures;
  • wash your hair with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo (choose professional lines);
  • be sure to dry your hair with a hairdryer after each wash.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day, it’s better to do it every 2-3 days.
Hair Botox And Keratin

Can I Have Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment At the Same Time? 

That’s quite a difficult question, since hairstylists have two different opinions. Some of them believe that it’s pointless and even harmful to combine two methods at once, others claim that such mixtures can make your hair unbelievably smooth and healthy. We think that each case is very individual, thus, consult an experienced professional first. In general, keratin hair straightening can make your hair smoother and stronger while botox can give softness and liveliness. Everything depends on your hair condition. 

How to Use Hair Botox at Home?

Of course, you can perform botox hair treatment at home, however, be ready that the whole treatment may last longer than in case when salon master works with your locks. Besides, you may need some assistance from your family as it will be quite uncomfortable for you to do this deep conditioning treatment on your own for the first time. And, of course, if you have any doubts, you should get a consultation with a professional.

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That’s it! Hope we managed to answer all of your questions regarding hair botox. Stay healthy and beautiful with Nutree! 

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