We’re sure that you definitely heard of hair botox and keratin straightening treatments. You know that both procedures provide amazing results making hair straighter, shinier, and more obedient. However, there are several differences, knowing which will allow you to choose the right procedure for your hair. Keep on reading and find out all the peculiarities of both procedures in this article!
Let’s see the differences in the examples of Nutree Bottox Expert and Amazonliss Keratin Straightening
Hair botox is a product that restores and regenerates weakened and damaged hair. It moisturizes, heals, nourishes, and protects hair, that is why the procedure is recommended for blondes, as blonde hair is the most damaged and vulnerable one. Botox deeply penetrates into the hair structure, which contributes to greater efficiency than keratin straightening.
Try out our innovative Nutree Bottox Expert. This restoring procedure has several advantages:
• Restores damaged hair;
• Moisturizes and nourishes hair;
• Makes hair smooth, obedient, strong, and healthy for up to 2 months;
• It’s a simple procedure with minimal expense.
Now let’s move on to the keratin straightening. Nutree Amazonliss Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is one of the most innovative and effective keratin treatments in today’s market of hair care products. It’s the long-term hair straightening with the effect that lasts up to 6 months! This product contains 4 types of hydrolyzed keratin, which gives an excellent straightening result. There are also natural components and extracts in the composition. The main stage of the procedure smoothes and straightens hair, making it obedient, soft, and shiny.

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