The most popular trends this summer 2018.

Rosing Gold With Special Dark Roots

Are you not interested in Neon Pink? A perfect combo of summery pink and sun-kissed blond is rose gold.

Warm Chocolate Color

It is officially proven that brunets have more fun. Just ask former blonds. For example, Selena Gomez was blond тв then turned to the dark side.

The magic of Silver Ombre

Silver has been extremely fashionable and popular in recent years. Summer is definitely the time to try silver color. You can look metallic and feel comfortable.

Beaty of Ice Blonde

Summer is the ‘white season’. White manis, white pants and white hair are extremely widespread according to famous people like Kim Kardashian. If you are confident, try the Ice blond color.

Millennial Pink

The soft pink shade is everywhere, including your favorite celebrities’ hair. For example, Kylie Jenner prefers it. A perfect time to try this color in summer. It looks good on every imaginable skin tone.

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