Of course, you’ve heard of such hair smoothing and straightening treatments as a keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment. However, have you ever used hair cream for your natural hair? If these questions left you puzzled (or you didn’t know such a product even exists), keep on reading then!

Hair cream is a multifunctional hair care product, thanks to which you can improve the structure of heat-damaged hair, restore dead hair ends or even give the strands a different shade while providing them with thermal protection and giving them the desired texture.

Hair cream is a product that requires compliance with certain rules of use, as described in the instructions for use.  Some of creams don’t have to be rinsed off after application, as you see the effect only after the hair absorbs the cream.


Volumizing creams

This is the most popular type of hair cream that is used for styling. Such creams delicately lift the strands at the very roots, adding volume to the hairstyle. Various creams are divided into mousse creams, gel creams, conditioning creams. The latter should be washed off with warm water and used while washing your hair.


Nourishing hair creams

Nourishing hair creams solve a wide range of problems: they eliminate excessive dryness, prevent dandruff, eliminate the cause of hair breakage, provide reliable protection from UVA and UVB rays and harsh environmental influences.


Moisturizing hair creams

Moisturizing hair creams contain substances that normalize the water balance inside the hair shaft, repair damaged hair, and increase hair elasticity.

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