Many girls who extend their hair in salons spend a lot of time and money to increase the length of their natural hair in order to look more feminine and attractive. However, with the advent of clip-on hair extensions, the procedure for increasing hair length has become much easier and, most importantly, cheaper. Keep on reading!
Hair extensions are strands of hairs connected by one thin strip of fabric. They are made by hand or using special equipment. The length of the strands is 10–100 cm, so you can choose whatever length suits you. Hair extensions are used both by hairstylists and women at home, as it’s very easy to clip them and hide the extensions under your natural hair.
The main advantage of hair extensions is that you can attach and remove them yourself at home whenever you want to. You can either straighten or curl them which allows you to be more creative with your hair! Hair extensions can be made from both artificial and natural hair.
Key advantages:
1. You can choose any color for your hair extensions.
2. Hair extensions can be natural or artificial, so the client can choose which type of hair he likes best (natural are more expensive).
3. Natural hair extensions are suitable for girls with undyed hair. They give extra length and volume to the natural hair.
4. Clip-on hair extensions are easy to use at home.
5. Hair extensions can be straightened, curled, like your own natural hair.

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