Hair smoothing treatment… So much has been said and written about this procedure, however, sometimes it’s hard to find an article that will contain all clear and necessary information about this procedure. So what is a smoothing treatment? Which hair smoothing treatments are popular today? Find everything out in this article! 

 1. What is a Hair Smoothing Treatment? 

Basically, nowadays two treatments refer to such category which are Brazilian blowout and keratin hair smoothing treatment. As both of them have keratin as the main active ingredient (some hairstylists even call these treatments similar) then we’ll just call them “keratin treatment” in this article

Hair smoothing treatment provides a temporary change in the hair structure with the help of special compositions with a high content of protein fibers of keratin. As a rule, keratin for hair straightening is synthetic, not of animal origin.

Smoothing treatment is a procedure that makes your hair smooth for long. The work principle is quite simple. The keratin composition is applied to the hair, filling the voids in the middle cortex and the upper layer of your hair. Then it’s sealed with a flat iron. The structure of the composition is such that it easily penetrates into the hair and protects it from the inside.

This procedure is suitable:

 - to tame unruly and fluffy hair;

 - to revive damaged hair and add volume to thin strands;

 - to give a neat and luxurious look to any hair type. 

The duration of hair smoothing treatment is for about 3-6 months. Everything depends on your hair type and post-treatment haircare.

 2. Are Hair Smoothing Treatments Toxic-Free? 

The composition of natural keratin includes many different substances. The most important components are protein and amino acid complex. It includes glycine, cystine, alanine, and cysteine. Most cosmetic and haircare products include hydrolyzed keratin. During chemical processing, this substance is broken down into small molecules. They don’t damage your locks in any way, besides, this property makes it possible for keratin to dissolve in water.

However, keratin alone can’t straighten the hair. To achieve the effect of straightening, producers use formaldehyde or aldehydes. They work as straightening agents. To enhance the straightening effect, the hairstylist uses a flat iron the temperature of which can reach up to 450 °F. Under such influence, formaldehyde (as well as other aldehydes) react with hair proteins, rearranging their structure and bonding product’s keratin  with natural hair keratin. Besides, strong heating enriches the hair with silicones and creates the effect of lamination with a mirror shine and smoothness.

When heated, vapors of formaldehyde or its substitutes are released. Formaldehyde is the most effective of all aldehydes. Therefore, it’s most often contained in the compositions of smoothing hair straightening. This is a rather harmful and irritating substance, which, with insufficient ventilation of the room, can irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, throat and even cause breathing difficulties for both the stylist and the client. For this reason, some European countries banned certain smoothing hair treatments for use.

Luckily, nowadays there are many formaldehyde-free smoothing treatments on the market, some of them are safe even for pregnant and lactating women. Indeed, not all the producers give up formaldehyde to date, however, conscious brands strive to make the treatment not just effective but safe and comfortable as well. 

3. How to Choose Your Smoothing Hair Treatment? 

Basically, Brazilian blowout and keratin hair straightening provide the same effects, however, they also have some important differences. First of all, Brazilian blowout has a customizable result: you can either make your hair sleek, smooth it a little bit, tame your frizz or even shape your curls. Besides, Brazilian blowout has no waiting period as well: you can exercise, pin your hair and even wash it right after the treatment. If you’re super active and just can’t live without physical activities, then choose Brazilian blowout which is, apart from the keratin itself, is often enriched with amino acids.

If you need deep reconstruction of your hair as well as mirror shine and smoothness, choose keratin hair treatment. It penetrates deep into each thin hair, rebuilding its structure. As a result, you receive the amazingly smooth and mirror-shiny locks. Damaged hair will be restored, disciplined and hydrated. Besides, high-quality keratin treatments also contain natural extracts such as, cocoa, wheat, soya. What’s more, keratin treatment will be a best choice for pregnant and vegan, as there are keratin procedures that can suit their special needs. 

 4. Benefits of Hair Smoothing Treatments 

Hair smoothing treatments, be it Brazilian blowout or keratin hair treatment, have several undeniable benefits. Let’s talk about them.

- With proper home care, the effect of the  smoothing treatment lasts up to 24 weeks and has a cumulative effect: each time the hair looks neat longer. However, consistency is the key!

  - Easy combing. Those ladies who have to comb curly hair every day understand how much time, patience and nerves this procedure takes. Having performed smoothing hair straightening, your locks can be easily combed even when wet.

  - Universality of the procedure for all types of hair. For example, fluffy and thick locks will become glossy, but won’t lose their attractive volume.

  - Hair becomes shiny and smooth - this is the proof of its health. This advantage is one of the most important among all.

  - Hair styling maintenance. Your hairstyle will look good no matter what the weather is. Besides, forget about hair fluff when the humidity is high.

  - Protection against environmental adverse effects. The smoothing treatment perfectly protects the hair from dust, polluted air, chlorinated tap water, and the sunlight.

  - Antistatic action. This advantage is especially relevant in the cold season when our hair is a mess because of synthetic hats and scarves.

  - Opportunity to make hair straight again after an unsuccessful perm. If you didn’t like the result, then smoothing treatment remains the only way to return straight hair back after 2 weeks from perm.

  - Creating the effect of neat styling without the daily waste of time and hairstyling products. Even naturally naughty hair becomes manageable and easy to style.

  - Keratin doesn’t weigh down and doesn’t stretch the curls. The smoothing treatment  itself increases the elasticity and strength of the hair.

That’s it! As you can see, hair smoothing treatment can fully transform your hair and make it look just amazing! You should only choose your treatment and get ready to meet the hair of your dreams!

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